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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hazwan - 14 Days

Salam everyone..
Today's post is all about baby Hazwan. He's born weighing 3.94kg and 5th child in the family. His parents is a friend of mind. He is here in the house aged 14 days and getting ready to post for the first time. Lets 'rock in' baby..!! 

He is awake at the first. Look at his 'sepet' eyes.. Just like his mom.. 

14 days ... 4.1 kg ...  

Chubby everything....

Just like 4 month old baby..

Priceless moment..!!

Tiny finger..

Tiny feet...

Cute everywhere..

Thick hair..

Sleeping cutie..

Simply babylicius..

Look at his arm...

Pure wrap from GOD..
I was thinking of posing him in nude but his parent requested me not to undress him due to some reason. What ever it it, he is such an adorable cute lil' baby boy. He is so easy to handle and quite heavy.. hehe

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