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Friday, 21 October 2011

Nurul's Convocation

Happy Convocation..!! yaay...
Hye.. This is my cousin Nurul. She's completed her Master in UITM. 
Remember those days, her mom (my auntie) keep on calling me on my rest day to come over tho their place just to teach her maths. Ngee...Especially during their exam week.. 
Today.. Look at her.. I am so proud of you my sister.. xoxo...

 Nurul's convocation day a.k.a posing day..

Nurul and her 'ehem, ehem'... i don't know how to address him.. ;)

and his family.. oh that's handsome guy on the left is Ikhwan btw..

Nurul's one and only lil' brother.. Not that 'lil' already... 

I' m so happy looking at their happy faces. I hope they will succeed in their careers they ventured into soon. Good luck fella..!! 

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