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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nur Hidayah - 10 days

Assalamualaikum everyone..
Lets us come close to this beautiful little girl.
Her name is Nur Hidayah. She is 10 days young when i shoot his photo.
Guess what..?? She is very easy to work with.
Her parents is my client aka my neighbor. They live next door.
I snap this pic of her at 'my studio' aka my home sweet home.
I 'kidnaped' her from her mom for 1 hour and she likes me so much.. hehe

Polka dot rules..

I love baby girl.. a lot of pink stuff..

Sweet little girl..

Sleeping beauty..

Oh my god..!!

She's open her eyes..

B & W 

I miss this moment a lot. She's only 2.5 kg and being such a good baby without her mom around. I have no problem taking her pic. After 1 hour she wake up and said 'auntie, i m thirsty..waaaa...' 

p/s : she pee on my blanket too... hehehe... (lucky it a girl) :)

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